Why Only Cans? 1) Quality. 2) Ecology. 3) Tubing. Beer always tastes better out of a keg, right? Think of our cans as tiny kegs. Inside these protective metal grenades our beer is less susceptible to degradation. Cans get cold faster and the beer stays gooder longer. Then there’s big momma earth. The impact of recyclable cans on the environment is remarkably less than bottles. Plus, you can’t take bottles tubing. And that leads to the host of little reasons cans are great: 1) Drinkability B) Toss-ability 3) Wizard Staff-ability.

Meet the Beerworkers

Austin, these are the folks who brew your beer. We’ve got backgrounds ranging from military, hair styling, pro disc golf, corporate finance, and some it’s probably best not to discuss publicly. The one thing we all have in common? A deep love and knowledge of craft beer. That and seeing people trip. We know it's mean, but it makes us laugh.

Visit the Brewery

There’s nothing like drinking our beers fresh out of the tank. Sure it’s 103 degrees and you’re standing on a concrete floor next to a hot tank and velvet painting of Sloth from the Goonies – but don’t forget that drinking out of the tank thing. It’s more than worth it. You’ll see. To see our hours and what's currently on tap, head over here.

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Brewing 101

Our brewing process is made up of three distinct phases. Click on one to the right and learn more.

  1. 1. Hot Side
  2. 2. Cold Side
  3. 3. Packaging
Hot Side: The first phase of brewing is referred to as the hot side of the process. Them stuffs is hot. Do not touch it.
Cold Side: The second phase of brewing is referred to as the cold side. Know why? That’s right, Einstein.
Packaging: Finally we dress our little soldiers to meet the world.